Split Systems

Brisbane Air Conditioning & Installation are experts at installing Split System Air Conditioning and our prices are amongst the most competitive in the industry.

Split system air conditioners offer a great solution for air conditioning single rooms or a particular area of the home or office.  A split system consists of a wall mounted internal unit which is then connected to an outdoor unit by piping and wiring.

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Brisbane Air Conditioning & Installation bulk purchase units direct from the manufacturer.  Hence buying your split system air conditioner unit from us is often cheaper than conventional retail outlets.  It also means we can ensure the most appropriate unit is selected for your needs.  Give us a call and we can provide you a price over-the-phone.

When choosing a split system solution it is critical to ensure you select the right location for installation and choose the right size unit.   Too big a unit means you will be paying extra purchase costs and additional ongoing electricity, while too small a unit, means insufficient cooling or heating capabilities.  The location of both the internal and external units is also critical to maximise airflow, comfort and energy efficiency.

If the split system unit has not been purchased and you would like us to suggest a unit and quote a price, we will need the following information,

  • What are the dimensions of each room that requires air conditioning (length, width and height)?
  • What is the room used for and how many people are normally in the room?
  • Is there any windows in the room and do they face west?
  • What are your brand preferences?
  • What is your budget?

When installed properly new split system units look great, can be whisper quiet and are relatively cheap to run.

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