Split System Installation

Brisbane Air Conditioning & Installation are experts at installing Split System Air Conditioning and our prices are amongst the most competitive in the industry.

If you have already purchased a split system unit and simply need it installed, give us a call to get a quote over-the-phone. All our installers are ARCtick certified and we pressure test all units as part of the installation process to ensure manufacturer’s warranties are maintained.

The installation of a split system can vary due to the cost of electrical wiring and the positioning of the unit.  However, as a guide only a single split system install will cost around $700.  This comprises about $450 in installation and materials and an additional $250 in electrical wiring costs.

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A standard installation by Brisbane Air Conditioning & Installation includes the following,

  • 3 metre distance between indoor and outdoor unit
  • Up to 20 metre distance from the outdoor unit to the switchboard
  • Cover duct to protect pipework and wire connecting indoor and outdoor unit
  • Conduit for drains
  • All air conditioners installed by Brisbane Air Conditioning & Installation are pressure tested using dry nitrogen so as not to void the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you call us, we will endeavour to give you a price over-the-phone. By answering the following questions, you can provide us with the information we need,

  • Do you require a concrete slab for the outdoor unit to sit on? Or brackets for the outdoor unit to be attached to the outside wall of the house?
  • Is the home high or low set?
  • Will the indoor unit be installed on an exterior wall?
  • Where do you expect the outdoor unit to be installed?
  • Does the wall that the air con is going on have a power point?
  • Is there a power point within 3 metres of the indoor unit?
  • Systems above 3.5kW require a new circuit to be installed by our qualified electricians

If the split system unit has not been purchased and you would like us to suggest a unit and quote a price, we will need the following information,

  • What are the dimensions of each room that requires air conditioning (length, width and height)?
  • What is the room used for and how many people are normally in the room?
  • Is there any windows in the room and do they face west?
  • What are your brand/model preferences?
  • What is your budget?

Brisbane Air Conditioning & Installation only use fully qualified electrical contractors so as not to void the manufacturer’s warranty.  All electrical work is included in the installation price.

Call the friendly staff at Brisbane Air Conditioning & Installation or use our online quote service to organise a free quote on your split system air conditioning today.    

Feel free to email us at info@airconditionerinstallationbrisbane.com.au.

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