Service & Maintenance

A poorly maintained air conditioning unit will use more electricity and be more likely to break down.  Irregular servicing also means dirty filters recycling bacteria and allergens back through the room.  

To keep your split system or ducted air conditioner running at peak performance it should be serviced at least once a year.

A regularly serviced air conditioner will have a longer life span and ensure the air you breathe is properly filtered and clean.

The cost of a service may vary depending upon the type and size of your air conditioning equipment.  A typical split system service will cost around $110 and a typical ducted service around $130.

 A typical service will include,


  • Clean & deodorise filters and indoor housing for a split system
  • Clean & deodorise return air filters for a ducted system
  • Clean indoor coils for a split system
  • Check supply air temperatures
  • Check evaporator drain


  • Inspect and clean outdoor coil
  • Check condenser fan for obstructions
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Check pipe insulation

To ensure your air conditioner can be relied upon when you need it and also satisfy your manufacturer’s warranty, Brisbane Air Conditioning & Installation recommend getting your air conditioner serviced once per year.

To book a service or set a maintenance schedule please call our friendly staff on 0411 882 406 or email us at

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