Practical Considerations to Choosing Whether to Repair Your Air Conditioning

Even the most expensive air conditioning appliance will eventually fail, and then the decision will need to be made. Should the split system air conditioning unit be repaired or replaced? Replacing a unit too early may cost more than repairing it and replacing a unit too late may be even more expensive. A unit that […]

The Ideal Air Conditioner Temperature For Summer

THE battle over the humble thermostat has been tearing friendships apart since air conditioning was invented. The perfect temperature is a constant source of frustration for Australians who often wished they had brought scarves and gloves on menial trips to offices, cinemas and shopping centres across the nation. Our obsession with making air conditioning is […]

How to Keep Your Air Conditioner Working Efficiently During Brisbane’s Cooler Months

Although Brisbane winters are mild, you may still find yourself turning on your air conditioning at times throughout the winter season for comfort. Because your air conditioner may not get as much attention during the winter months, there are a few simple tips you can follow to continue to enjoy superior efficiency and comfort during this […]

Can Hotel Air Cons Be Making You Sick?

A NICE, cool blast of the hotel room aircon is a joy on a summer holiday. But this former hotel manager warns you should keep it switched off. HOTEL rooms are supposed to be kept spick and span in between guests — but one hotel manager has revealed the part of the room that almost […]

Who Should Pay for School Air-Conditioners in Ipswich?

SHOULD Ipswich Schools be Fitted Out With Air-Conditioning? Division 3 candidate Danny Donohue’s push to have council fund air-conditioning in Ipswich schools through a grants program is gaining momentum. Readers were divided on the issue, with many highlighting that the fitting out of air-conditioners in schools was not a council issue. “No way we spent […]

9 Air Conditioning Tips To Beat The Brisbane Summer Heat

We all like to be cool in summer and warm in winter and an air conditioner seems the perfect solution. However with rising energy concerns and more encouragement for people to be seen as ‘green’ it can be difficult to find the right balance. Here at Service Central we’ve found a few good tips so that you […]

Your Buyers Guide to Choosing the Best Air Conditioner

As the temperature rises, cool down with a brand-name air conditioner. Split-system, reverse-cycle models are quiet and effective. Air Conditioner Terminology Confused by the language? A split system refers to a unit comprised of two parts – one is attached to the internal wall of your home, while the other is fixed to the exterior […]

Things to Consider when buying an Air Conditioner

On a sticky summer day, there’s nothing like waving a magic wand, er, remote control, and transforming warm air into icy-cool air. Or indeed, the reverse: filling your home with comfy warm air on a chilly winter’s day. This wizardry can be achieved with the addition of an air conditioner, and this guide will help […]

More Air Conditioner Usage As the Heat Rises

With temperatures starting to climb, it’s time to think about how we will stay cool this summer. The stakes are getting higher when it comes to hot weather. As the Australian Medical Association has warned, heat is a “silent killer”, and we lose more Australians each year to heat than the annual road toll. Heatwaves […]

How To Know If Your Air Conditioner Is In Need Of Repair

Even though we’re in the business, we understand the desire to want to fix things yourself. The last thing you want to do is call out an AC technician for something that takes them five minutes to do. However, the amount of time it takes for a professional to do something can end up costing […]