Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

With ducted air conditioning installation, Brisbane homeowners are often overwhelmed by their options. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing system to a split system or require an installation for a new building, there are a few factors you should consider. Do You Need Professional Ducted Air Conditioning Services? With the vast array of […]

Common Myths About Ducted Air Conditioning

When considering ducted air conditioning, Perth homeowners are often influenced by the opinions of their family and friends. Unfortunately, many people are misguided and are propagating common myths. Here are three things to bust those myths and help you decided on your ideal air conditioning solution. Bigger is Better: You can have too much of […]

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner: A Guide To Energy Efficiency

When considering how an air conditioner cools your home, it’s helpful to imagine the air conditioner as a heat pump. The air conditioner will have two sets of coils: one inside and one outside. These coils are filled with special fluid that is able to efficiently change temperature. The fluid contained by the inside coil […]

Energy Saving Tips for Your Brisbane Ducted Air Conditioning System

Wouldn’t it be great to keep more of your hard-earned money in your bank account instead of paying costly energy bills each month? Surprisingly, using your ducted air conditioning system to keep your home comfortable all year long doesn’t have to be expensive. For your Brisbane ducted air conditioning system to operate efficiently, try these […]

Why Opt For Ducted Air Conditioning? Brisbane Prices have never been better

The 2013 summer proved to be a big challenge for many families because of the weather.  A lot of families opted to stay indoors instead of risking getting heat-related illnesses by going out. Never mind the high energy costs — they just wanted to stay in their air conditioned homes. That summer also prompted many […]

Important Advantages Of Ducted Air Conditioning – Brisbane Specialists List Seven

Most residential provisions these days have ducted air conditioner systems with modified electronic controls and different ‘zones’ within the house can be set to appropriate temperatures to create a comfortable climate. To read more about Ducted Air Conditioning, click here. This system is made up of an outdoor unit that’s connected to an indoor unit […]