Can Hotel Air Cons Be Making You Sick?

A NICE, cool blast of the hotel room aircon is a joy on a summer holiday. But this former hotel manager warns you should keep it switched off. HOTEL rooms are supposed to be kept spick and span in between guests — but one hotel manager has revealed the part of the room that almost […]

Who Should Pay for School Air-Conditioners in Ipswich?

SHOULD Ipswich Schools be Fitted Out With Air-Conditioning? Division 3 candidate Danny Donohue’s push to have council fund air-conditioning in Ipswich schools through a grants program is gaining momentum. Readers were divided on the issue, with many highlighting that the fitting out of air-conditioners in schools was not a council issue. “No way we spent […]

The Perfect Air Con Temperature for Summer

The battle over the humble thermostat has been tearing friendships apart since air conditioning was invented. The perfect temperature is a constant source of frustration for Australians who often wished they had brought scarves and gloves on menial trips to offices, cinemas and shopping centres across the nation. Our obsession with making air conditioning is […]

7 Signs it’s Time For a New Air Conditioner

During an Aussie summer, we rely on a few important things – sunscreen, a hat, an esky to keep our beverage of choice chilled while out and about, and at home, our air conditioning unit. An air conditioner can make life comfortable when temperatures climb… but how do you know when you can no longer […]

Queensland weather: State in for hot wet summer after record-breaking winter

HEALTH authorities are warning people in southeast Queensland to avoid being outside during the hottest parts of the day as temperatures soar above September averages. The Queensland Ambulance Service is urging people to “plan your day around the heat” and avoid being outdoors between 10am and 3pm. “If you don’t have air-con at home consider […]

9 Air Conditioning Tips To Beat The Brisbane Summer Heat

We all like to be cool in summer and warm in winter and an air conditioner seems the perfect solution. However with rising energy concerns and more encouragement for people to be seen as ‘green’ it can be difficult to find the right balance. Here at Service Central we’ve found a few good tips so that you […]

How To Use Your Air Conditioner This Summer

Temperatures expected to reach above 40 degrees in Sydney today, so here’s some advice to keep you from melting into a puddle. It may be tempting to crank the air-con up high and keep your house at sub-arctic temperatures until the weather outside finally cools down, but it’s worth thinking about the impact that’s going […]

Your Buyers Guide to Choosing the Best Air Conditioner

As the temperature rises, cool down with a brand-name air conditioner. Split-system, reverse-cycle models are quiet and effective. Air Conditioner Terminology Confused by the language? A split system refers to a unit comprised of two parts – one is attached to the internal wall of your home, while the other is fixed to the exterior […]

Things to Consider when buying an Air Conditioner

On a sticky summer day, there’s nothing like waving a magic wand, er, remote control, and transforming warm air into icy-cool air. Or indeed, the reverse: filling your home with comfy warm air on a chilly winter’s day. This wizardry can be achieved with the addition of an air conditioner, and this guide will help […]

8 Tips to Cut Down your Airconditioning Cost

Australian families could save more than $700 on their energy bills by reducing their airconditioning habits this summer, a national survey reveals. Two-thirds of Australians who have airconditioning are guilty of bad habits  such as leaving it on when they leave the house or to cool the kitchen while using the oven, the energy plan comparison site Mozo found. Mozo […]