8 Tips to Cut Down your Airconditioning Cost

Australian families could save more than $700 on their energy bills by reducing their airconditioning habits this summer, a national survey reveals. Two-thirds of Australians who have airconditioning are guilty of bad habits  such as leaving it on when they leave the house or to cool the kitchen while using the oven, the energy plan comparison site Mozo found. Mozo […]

Life Hacker’s Tips on How to Beat the Aussie Heat

Ensure you stay cool with our comprehensive roundup of heat-beating tips, covering everything from how to use air conditioning more effectively to what to cook that won’t overheat you and how to make the most of your time. Cooling Tactics Ask LH: How Can I Beat The Heat? Dear Lifehacker, Since it is scorching hot […]

More Air Conditioner Usage As the Heat Rises

With temperatures starting to climb, it’s time to think about how we will stay cool this summer. The stakes are getting higher when it comes to hot weather. As the Australian Medical Association has warned, heat is a “silent killer”, and we lose more Australians each year to heat than the annual road toll. Heatwaves […]

Tips on How to Enjoy Big Comfort and Small Electricity Bills

Winter is here! Despite many Australians opting not to heat their homes to the point of complete comfort, many of us nevertheless will soon receive a nasty surprise when the energy bills arrive. With Australia’s historically cheap energy, old housing stock in many areas, mild climate and frequent emphasis on low building costs, many homes […]

Enjoy the Efficiency of Air Conditioning The Whole Year

Every summer, the number of Australian homes equipped with air conditioners goes up and up. Recent statistics show that 74% of Australian homes – 6.6 million so far – have some form of air conditioning. This stands to reason because our summers are becoming hotter and hotter while we increasingly demand constant comfort. At the same […]

How To Know If Your Air Conditioner Is In Need Of Repair

Even though we’re in the business, we understand the desire to want to fix things yourself. The last thing you want to do is call out an AC technician for something that takes them five minutes to do. However, the amount of time it takes for a professional to do something can end up costing […]

Save on Electricty Bills with an Optimised Inverter Control

A Quick Guide to Optimised Inverter Control For a long time, we have been using traditional methods of temperature control in our homes. In many places, the temperature touches extremes and a good temperature control in the house keeps you comfortable and cosy. Have you ever wondered what are the alternate ways of air conditioning […]

5 Ways to Save Electricity This Summer (But Still Keep Your Air Con Going)

The Brisbane sun is blazing. The pavement is melting. The temperature is high enough to make you sweat just by standing still. You’ll always need to keep the air conditioner going but what if you could save on electricity bills to stay fresh this summer? Here are just a few ways to save energy without […]

5 Secrets for Getting Your A/C Ready for Summer

As the weather begins to heat up and the prospect of a hot Brisbane summer hits closer to home, it’s important to make sure that your home’s air conditioner is ready to battle the heat at all times of the day. While air conditioners are often sometimes considered to be rather low-maintenance parts of the […]

4 Tips: How to Choose The Right Air Conditioner In Brisbane

Choosing the right air conditioning unit in Brisbane will ensure your summer filled with cool, comfy days and plenty of fun. With the wrong AC, your summer could instead be spent miserable, sweltering in the heat due to an inoperable or broken down unit. Consider these four tips below when it is time to choose […]